We’re Not Just Plastic Injection Molders

We’re thinkers, planners, problem solvers, innovators, collaborators, and trusted partners to our customers and suppliers.


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Building Innovative Solutions Since 1967

Pliant strives to delight our customers with innovative solutions in highly engineered, plastic injection molded products. We work alongside our customers from design through production—leveraging exceptional in-house engineering, advanced technology, expert manufacturing, and skilled cross-functional teams. Our reputation for innovation, integrity, dependability, warmth, and genuine appreciation for each other and those we serve has earned our customers’ appreciation, trust, and long-term partnership.

Innovation and Technology

Privately owned and financially solid, we’re in an enviable position to take advantage of technologies that help us work faster, better, and with greater cost efficiency. We’re proud to lead the region with innovations like 3D metal printing technology, 3D smart metrology, and a host of advanced design and manufacturing processes. And we’re always on the forefront of the next idea.

Relationships Are Everything

You know it when you step inside our facility and at every point of contact. We’re team players. We’ve built our business on collaborative, transparent, responsive partnerships—inside the company and up and down the supply chain.

Flawless Execution

Cross-disciplinary launch teams oversee every project from concept to completion to eliminate noise, hassle, and uncertainty at every stage of the process. These internal partnerships help us identify obstacles and opportunities early on, ensuring repeatedly flawless launches on even the most challenging projects.

Our Capabilities

Injection Molding

Pliant has been delighting customers since 1967 with our wide range of injection molding equipment. We utilize state-of-the-art electric presses from 17 to 360 tons to produce parts ranging from simple parts to complex designs with tight tolerances. Pliant has a strong engineering-backed focus to help make your project a success.

Insert & Over-Molding

Insert molding provides designers the flexibility to integrate various machined, stamped, or extruded metals, such as washers or bolts, into a plastic assembly via over-molding. We focus on automating this process but can also place manually, giving us the ability to utilize this process in either horizontal or vertical presses.

Two-Shot Molding

Pliant can help remove unnecessary labor from your product. Take advantage of the design options provided by our ability to mold two independent materials in one molding cycle. Requirements for soft touch, sealing, or structural constraints can all be achieved with Pliant’s two-shot molding capabilities. Pliant uses all-electric two-shot machines ranging from 50 to 250 tons of clamp tonnage.

Additive Manufacturing

We have the ability to print our own production or prototype steel tools that we use in-house for injection molding. We use conformal cooling to save time and money versus the traditional tool building process while also allowing for better dimensional stability due to more uniform cooling. With a building volume of 250 x 250 x 325mm, our EOS 290 3D Metal Printer allows for a fast, flexible, and cost-effective production of metal inserts directly from CAD data.

Vertical Molding

We have the capability to mold in vertical presses with rotating tables which allows us to better accommodate the overmolding of large components. Vertical molding also has other benefits, such as being able to use gravity to our advantage while placing components or eliminating “waste” by utilizing two bottom halves for tooling.

Clean Room Class 10,000

Our ISO 7/Class 10,000 clean room, as well as its own molding machines, allows us to manufacture and assemble medical-grade parts in a controlled environment. This environment ensures that our parts are delivered contaminate-free.

Talent. Technology. Trusted.

Privately owned and debt-free, Pliant leverages exceptional talent and technology to develop innovative solutions in custom plastic injection molding that delight our customers in the automotive, medical, and food and beverage industries.

Employment Opportunities

Work With Us

We’ve invested in some of the top talent in our industry—tooling, development, manufacturing, quality, and leaders at all levels. We place a premium on people who bring the experience, attitudes, and aptitudes to deliver success and maintain our customers’ competitive edge in complex and emerging markets.

Visit our jobs page to find out more about our culture and the positions we have available. Pliant could be the perfect fit for you!