Our Story

Founded in 1967 to serve the thriving automotive supply industry in West Michigan, Pliant brings decades of specialized knowledge in custom plastic injection molding.

In 1996, the company was purchased by Verplank Enterprises, Inc., a local, family-owned holding of pioneering manufacturers in plastics, metals, composites, and lighting. The partnership provides Pliant with exceptional access to the talent, technology, and resources necessary to deliver exceptional support in product development, engineering, analysis, and automation solutions to our customers in the automotive, medical, food & beverage industries, and more.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to cultivate growth in ourselves and Pliant, allowing us to further invest in our communities.

Our Environmental Policy

Pliant Plastics is committed to being a good steward of the Great Lakes region and beyond. We’ll do this through demonstrating sound environmental practices for injection molding and related activities. These practices include: reducing our use of natural resources, promoting recycling / sustainability initiatives, preventing pollution, complying with government regulations, reducing identified risks and continually improving our operations.