From automotive to medical, and from consumer products to furniture, Pliant Plastic’s product capabilities are used in many different industries.

Pliant’s capabilities and expertise can be utilized in a diverse array of industries including, but not limited to, the categories below.

Industries Served


We’re a tier-two focused automotive supplier to numerous tier-one manufacturers involving many different product lines, various platforms, and recent success supplying electric vehicle companies. We produce simple to complex parts that are used all over your vehicle. Our products range from precision components that go under the hood to interior/exterior parts that are in view of the passengers.


We are a MedAccred certified, tier one medical supplier providing non-invasive components for beds, EMT equipment, and other medical devices. We also offer clean room assembly for products requiring medical-grade cleanliness specifications.

Consumer Products

We produce a vast array of consumer products for the dental and recreational industries, to name a few.


Pliant also molds several different types of parts for the furniture industry, both visible and non-visible. With applications for task seating as well as many other different types of office furniture, there isn’t much we cannot do.