At Pliant Plastics, we aim to delight our customers by living a culture of execution that strives to achieve the highest standards in employee safety, part quality, and on-time delivery.   

By continually challenging ourselves to achieve year over year improvement in our key performance metrics. This has resulted in a 40% reduction in Quality Incident Rate over the last 5 years.

Production Team Training Program

Our Technology

Vision Inspection Systems

  • Built and integrated internally allowing us to react quickly to quality issues and roll out 100% inspection of parts
  • Our vision allows us to stay on top of industry technologies, have access to the early development products, and be on the forefront of Keyence new product roll out
  • We have reduced our quality incident rate each year from 2018 – 2020
  • Pliant has reduced non-value-added sort hours by 84% from 2018-2020
  • 100% inspection of every part by end of 2021

Nikon Altera Bridge Style CMM with Polyworks 2020 Inspector Premium (1200mm x 1000mm x 800mm bed size)

  • High precision 3-dimensional inspection to CAD models accurate to within 1.8µm + L/400
  • Motorized multi-axis PH10 probe head with ruby tips as small as 1.0mm

Nikon MCAx 2.5m Scanning Arm with Polyworks 2020 Modeler Premium

  • Portable, 7 axis, high precision, noncontact, low noise blue laser scanner accurate to within 0.032mm on multiple materials
  • Tactile probing ability accurate to within 0.027mm
  • Mesh and overlay of scanned image to CAD model with “temperature” mapping capabilities
  • CAD model generation of scanned image for reverse engineering

Keyence Instant Measurement System (200mm x 50mm x 75mm)

  • Solid State 2D image dimensional measurement system traceable to NIST
  • Automatic recognition of position and orientation
  • Measurement repeatability to within 2µm

Other Technologies

  • QVI Sprint Video Measuring Machine with Measure X metrology software (up to 18” x 18” x 6”)
    – 3 axis fully automatic dimensional measuring system
  • Starrett L1 load cell – 500lb working load with charting capabilities
    – Computer based force testing solution that can be used to calculate tensile, yield, and compression loads
    – Sample rates up to 1000 Hz and graphical display capabilities
  • X-Rite SP62 Color Spectrophotometer / Macbeth Color Booth
  • Novo Gloss Meter (13mm x 70mm min target area)
  • Moisture Analyzers (Ametek Max 4000 / Mettler Toledo HX204)

Our Quality Certifications

IATF 16949 Certificate

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ISO 9001 Certificate

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MedAccred Plastics Certificate

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