Why Pliant?

At Pliant Plastics, we are problem solvers, innovators, collaborators, leaders, communicators, planners and trusted partners to our customers and suppliers.

We leverage exceptional talent and technology to develop high precision plastic injection molding and additive manufacturing that delight our customers in the industries we serve.

How Do We Do This?

By keeping in mind our core values. They give us focus, highlight our unique strengths in the marketplace, and define our belief system for both our team and for our customers.

It Starts With Knowing Our Focus

We know where we excel and we’re squarely focused on projects where our knowledge, skills, and technology are just the right fit for our customers’ needs. If a project isn’t in our lane, we’re upfront about that—it’s part of our commitment to transparent partnership from design through production.

We‘ve Built a Pretty Amazing Team

We’ve invested in some of the top talent in our industry—tooling, product development, manufacturing, quality, and process engineers; program managers; production teams; supply chain experts; sales teams; and leadership at all levels. We place a premium on people who bring the experience, attitudes, and aptitudes to deliver success and maintain our customers’ competitive edge in complex and emerging markets.

We’re Passionate About Innovation and Technology

Privately owned and financially solid, we’re in an enviable position to take advantage of technologies that help us work faster, better, and with greater cost efficiency. We’re proud to lead the region with innovations like 3D metal printing technology, 3D smart metrology, and a host of advanced design and manufacturing processes. And we’re always on the forefront of the next idea.

Bring Us Your Biggest Headaches

We’re undaunted by seemingly intractable problems. Our top-notch engineering talent—100+ years of collective experience—combined with continuous investment in advanced processes and technology make us an incomparable resource when our customers face complex challenges. We work alongside engineering teams to optimize their ideas for efficiency, quality, and manufacturability. We consult on prototyping and launch challenges. And time and again, it’s our capacity to be a partner in problem solving that earns our customers’ loyalty and delight.

Flawless Execution

Cross-disciplinary launch teams oversee every project from concept to completion to eliminate noise, hassle, and uncertainty at every stage of the process. These internal partnerships help us identify obstacles and opportunities early on, ensuring repeatedly flawless launches on even the most challenging projects.

Relationships Are Everything

You know it when you step inside our facility and at every point of contact. We’re team players. We’ve built our business on collaborative, transparent, responsive partnerships with our customers—inside the company and up and down the supply chain.

A Culture That Empowers and Collaborates

Pliant has built a culture of respect, openness, and teamwork. We empower people to share ideas, communicate openly, to develop their skills, and grow in their roles. We believe that when people are engaged, learning, and treated with appreciation and care, they do their best work. And that belief has created an extraordinary culture and a thriving team.